Monday, August 07, 2006

Southern customs, people and landscapes in B&W

Customs and landscapes in B&W
The pampas plains are a suitable site to cattle growth and the asado (barbecued cow meat) became a tradition for families, friends or any social meeting that adopted this gaucho custom; a good red wine from the Andes Mountains area is the best companion for the asado, my brother is an excellent barbecued meat cook .
The photographs were taken with a Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar 3.5/75 lens, Kodak T-Max ISO 400 B&W film developed in Rodianl 1+25 at 20ºC. (Click on thumbnails)

After the asado my daughter Norita plays with a puppy.
These two photographs were taken with the Rollei sky graduated filter, it's a glass with two rectangular halves, one of them is yellow and works like a yellow filter, you can slide the glass along the filter holder fitted in the lens hood to choose the area for the yellow and transparent portion; the advantage is that you needn't to modify the exposure because the no sky area is within the glass transparent part, however this filter is a bit uncomfortable to use and suitable for wide landscapes with sky only.

Trees in Posadas city


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